Seven Amazing Sugarless Gummy Candies Everyone Should Try

Everyone remembers a time in their life when they absolutely loved gummy candies. Gummy candies were sweet and relatively inexpensive, making them an awesome treat to snack on where ever they went. However, as time progressed, people began to understand the amount of sugar that was consumed every day was too much, making all of the favorite candies seem like they were not worth the sugar content that each one held. Yet, there is a way to eat your favorite gummy candies without having to feel the guilt of eating the sugar. Sugar free candies are available in many shapes, sizes, colors, and brands. So, whether you are trying to avoid the sugar for health or weight reasons, you are sure to find a favorite somewhere on this list of the top seven sugarless gummy candies on the market.

The first one on this list is from a relatively well known company. At number seven, Albanese Gummy Fish are very tasty and cheap. These gummy candies are shaped like small fish, making them unique and very sweet, without the sugar, of course. Albanese is one of the largest manufacturers of gummy candies, with their own special approach to the sugar free end of the market. These are 100% amazing, coming in unique fruity flavors that make the tastebuds zing, and the sweet tooth happy.

In the number six slot is SweetGourmet Peach Rings. These peach rings taste exactly like the classic peach rings, but they are really only the sugarless version of them. They are amazing peach flavored gummy candies that are in a ring shape, making them fun and easy to eat. These are extremely popular due to the fact that even the most sensitive tongues couldn't tell the difference between these sugarless peach rings and the original ones.

At number five is Twizzler's Twists. While some people think that these are not considered gummi candies, Twizzler's Twists definitely rank in the area of gummy candies. These sugar free twists are strawberry flavored, making them a bit different from the regular sugarless gummy candies. They are classic, simple, and wonderful to eat anywhere. They are also very fun to use in recipes for cookies, chocolates, and many other ways.

The number four slot is held by the company you know and love, Jelly Belly. Everyone has heard about Jelly Belly, and knows that they make a lot more than just jelly beans. These gummy bears are just like the classic ones that people ate as children, but they are sugarless. Each bear is the classic fruity flavor, but each one is accented by the strength and uniqueness that Jelly Belly adds to their products.

In the number three slot is DiabeticFriendly Fruit Slices. This company predominantly caters to people who suffer with diabetes, but their products can be enjoyed by anyone, at any time. This sugarless gummy candy is shaped just like the regular fruit slices, but are completely sugarless and taste even better than the originals. They come in the four classic and original flavors, including orange, cherry, lime, and lemon. They are amazing to snack on during drives, trips, and even at home in your favorite chair.

The candy that takes the number two slot is by a company called Albanese. This company works with multiple types of sugarless candies, from lollipops and suckers, to chewing gum and jelly beans. Out of all the things that they work with and sell, this unique product is by far the best. Albanese Mini Butterflies are sugarless and have a wonderful texture, making it seem as if they are exactly like their sugar riddled counterparts. The mini butterfly shapes make them unique and pleasing. They are incredibly cute and extremely tasty.

The first and best candy on the list is a product by YummyEarth. YummyEarth is a candy company that specializes in making candy as healthy as possible, without losing the flavor or the texture their customers have come to expect. Their most popular product is their gummy bears. YummyEarth Gummy Bears are amazingly flavorful, but they are also wonderfully sugar free. Every ingredient they use in any of their sweet products, including their gummy bears, is organic, making you feel even better about your choice in treats.

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